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Gille & François - (F)
Il parait que tous ces chemins mènent à Rome. Pour Il Gallo Rosso ou Stone House Retreat, il n’y a qu’un et c’est très bien. Soleil, tranquillité, piscine, cigales et grillions son toujours aussi agréable que le première fois. Nous reviendrons en profiter ainsi que des hôtes et leur compagnons qui veillent a ce qu’aucun animal sauvage ne trouble la tranquillité de notre territoire paradisiaque. Merci de vos coins, votre accueil et tout.
Didier & Bruno - (F)
Nous avons trouvé une perle dans un écrin de verdure entretenue avec de bon gout, de la chaleur humaine, d’un sens de l’hospitalité hors du commun. Mille merci, sans oublier nos amis les "cani". A presto.
Hervé & Thierry - (F)
Un lieu extraordinaire pour séjourner dans la région. Bravo pour l’accueil et la qualité des prestations. Thank you for your kindness. Sure we will advice our friends to stay here for the vacations.
Stefan & Bernd - (D)
To be a guest with friendly hosts is always a pleasure. To be a guest with these hosts is like coming home! Thanks for providing this deep feeling to us to Ian, Karl and Paolo. And not to Max, Jack, and Chanel… and when wanted by him, Tommy. The hole retreat is in a marvellous shape, the garden at every corner done with love and passion and this can be felt while just enjoying it. The apartment decorated with the same attitude gives you immediately the feeling of being at home. Thanks a lot for this first beautiful and relaxing stay here with you, we will want to come back.
John & Laurence - (NZ)
Ian, nice to come across neighbours from the Pacific, and thank you for showing us such great hospitality. What a wonderful piece of paradise you guys have created.
Kathy & Nike - (CA)
It’s hard to believe that our time is almost over! It has been an absolute pleasure to stay here at Stone House Retreat . Our little cottage is absolute perfection. I can’t even imagine staying anywhere else. Ian, your friendship has meant so much to us and it has been such a pleasure getting to know you. We certainly will miss the “fur babies” when we go, especially sweet Chanel. We hope to have the good future to come back again. Until then, be well.
Debra & Mina - (USA)
Our visit to Stone House Retreat smack dab in the middle of a busy vacation in Italy has been perfect. Ian and Paolo have been wonderful hosts, helping to make our time here rejuvenating. So much to see and do here in Umbria. We definitely plan to return here and stay, once again at Stone House Retreat . Thank so so much.
Thank you for your warm hospitality and for making our Italian vacation so special! After so much activity it was so nice to “far niente”. Words can not express how beautiful your home in Umbria is!
Carsten & Stephan - (D)
Charmante Gastgeber, liebenswerte Tiere, ein perfekt gepflegter Garten, ein schönes Haus: so soll Urlaub sein! Wie sind durch Empfehlung von Freunden zu Euch gekommen und unsere Erwartungen wurden weit übertroffen. Selten so ein traumhaftes Ambiente und so eine Ruhe erlebt. Wir haben uns bei Euch sehr wohl gefühlt und werden bestimmt bald wiederkommen. Vielen Dank.
Gunter & Günther - (D)
The time here, was as great as our first time in may, this year. Each day here is like a Sunday for me. Karl gave good tips for sightseeing. Paolo is a very friendly man, which heart is here. Ian is just a super man, which helped in all problems, it comes very good. His humour is great, and we had a lot of fun but we had a lot of serious talks too. I’m sure, we will be back.
Rainer & Andy - (D)
Ich war sehr skeptisch, als Andy "Stone House Retreat" vorgeschlagen hat. Nach zwei und ein halb Wochen hier verstehe ich Friedrick II von Hohenstaufen, der von seinen Orten der Erquickung gesprochen hat von ganzem Herzen. Max, Jack, Chanel, Sam, Tommy, sogar die Hühner eine friedliche Gemeinschaft. Paolo, Ian und Karl immer freundlich und hilfsbereit. Es war perfekt. Danke.
Oh, bin ich aber froh dass meinem Spatz meine Internetauswahl gefallen hat! Hier ist wirklich ein schönes Fleckchen Erde und ich hoffe, dass wir wieder kommen! Es hat einfach alles super gepasst! Euch "Dreien“ alles, alles Gute.
Fabrice & Olivier - (F-B)
Depuis l’année dernière, nous rêvions de revenir dans ce coin de paradis. Nous sommes passée du rêve à la réalité. La vie ici s’écoule lentement loin de l’agitation et du stress quotidien. Cette quiétude nous a fait du bien. Merci à vous trois pour l’excellent accueil. Vous êtes aux petits soins pour nous. Tout était parfait. Merci pour ce que vous faites et ce que vous êtes. Dans nos valises, demain, nous emporterons la beauté de l’Italie et le souvenir de trois personnes amoureuses du beau et tellement respectueuses des autres. Tot ou tard nous reviendrons !
René & Eric - (NL)
Finally our long awaiting holiday began after weeks of work and looking forward to the Italian sun. And what do you do? Visiting beautiful places, cities, the opera and getting even more tired we already were. After driving up a road to, as it seemed, nowhere, we arrived in this beautiful place. A great place to stay, a beautiful garden, a nice swimming pool and above all a warm welcome from you. This is a lovely place to relax and ‘doing nothing’. We hope to come back soon and we already wish Ian a very happy birthday. Thanks for your hospitality!
Phil & Ryan - (UK)
This was our second visit to Stone House Retreat and therefore we already knew how special it is and also that it was just what we needed to recharge the batteries again this year. Thank you Ian for making us both feel so welcome and looked after again. We’ve had such a great time! We’re sure it won’t be long until we’re back here again. Looking forward to seeing Chanel’s toothy-grin welcoming us at the gate!
Paul & Davide - (SA)
hird visit and it just keeps getting better! After three weeks travelling around Italy, Stone House Retreat is the ideal last week “chill spot”. Thanks Ian for making our little cottage so comfy and for those special touches that make this home from home. Our fourth visit will be soon and it’s time to bring some more folk from S.A. with us. Thanks for nurturing our souls!
T & Jack - (USA)
Every once in a while fate lets you discover a place that allows your soul to rest and your spirit to soar. That is what we found here! Thank you to everybody . We hope to see you all again on another journey.
Gunter & Günther - (D)
Wir waren jetzt zum ersten Mal bei euch und haben uns so wohl gefühlt, wie es bisher noch nicht besser war! Egal ob in der Toskana oder in Piemont die Jahre zuvor, bei euch ist es am schönsten und "Mann“ fühlt sich fast zu Hause. Wir hoffen, dass die Zeit bis zum nächsten Besuch bei euch schnell vergeht, bis dahin behalten wir euch in Gedanken!
From the first time on, we felt, that “Stone House” is a special place for us und it will ever be. You feel, that all what is done, it is and has been done with love, and that is it! We enjoyed the time here very much, especially the both evenings with Ian in the bars of Fabro. Thanks a lot, that we could be here and we are sure, we will come back.
Phil & Ryan - (UK)
Thank you for making our first visit to Umbria and to Stone House Retreat such a special and memorable one. We absolutely fell in love with Papavero and felt very much at home and at peace here. You’ve created something very special and unique here which you should be incredibly proud of. Thank you so much for the warmth of your welcome and your attentiveness during our stay. We can’t wait to come back again sometime soon.
Just like the pool inflatable, feeling very ‘let down’ at the prospect of the end of summer and having to leave here. Thank you for making it such a great holiday for us.
James & Don - (USA)
What an amazing location to spend a get away from it all holiday! Your home is incredible and thank you for welcoming us on our first visit to Italy. This is a magical place and we are going home to Los Angeles with incredible memories. We look forward to our next visit!
We loved this place. You don’t breathe this kind of air in Los Angeles. It’s a great place to get recentered. You were so friendly and reflected in you in the beauty of this slice of heaven. Thanks for the use of your home.

Lucas & Patrick - (B)
Grazie per la calorosa accoglienza. Sono veramente state delle vacanze belle e speciali per noi.
While the website of Stone House Retreat is already most inviting, arriving on place we saw immediately that we had made a very good choice. It is a professionally runned place with a very personnel touch. We’ve stayed 3 weeks in “Papavero” and it was love on first sight: the decoration of this little house is very nice and all comfort is available. We did enjoy our breakfasts and self prepared dinners on the terrace. The presence of the pets everywhere makes you fill at home. A great advantage is the very large swimming pool to cool down after sunbathing. The beautiful garden and views but also the silence makes you really relax. And last but not least we appreciated the hospitality in any way of the hosts.
Manu & Laurent - (F)
Merci beaucoup pour votre accueil et votre gentillesse. Trois adorable garçons qui vivent dans un endroit merveilleux, entouré de gentils animaux. Notre appartement était vraiment beau et confortable, avec une belle vue sur la vallée le matin en ouvrant le volets. Dommage que nous n’ayons pas pu profiter de nous reposer au bord de la piscine mais cette région est tellement riche d’endroits à découvrir que nous avons souvent été en balades de village en village ou de ville en ville. Pour résumer : très bon séjour, cadre merveilleux, accueil chaleureux. Grazie di tutto. A presto.
Fabrice & Olivier - (F-BE)
Dès notre arrivée, votre accueil chaleureux nous a été droit au coeur. Cet esprit de service et de générosité a perduré durant tout notre séjour. Votre sens de l’autre et du bien transforme cet écrin de verdure en paradis. Un paradis habité par trois anges qui donnent une âme a ce lieux. C’est avec émotion que nous écrivons ces lignes car dans quelque jours le quotidien va reprendre ses droits. Mais rien ne sera plus pareil. Nus avons, en effet, dans un coin de notre mémoire le soleil d’Ombrie et votre fraternité. Nos reviendrons! Grazie.
Christian & Robert - (D)
Wir waren nun zum 4mal hier, aber es war wie beim ersten Mal. Danke für den netten Abend mit allen Gästen beim Grillen. Wir freuen uns Euch gemeinsam wieder zu sehen.
Yossi & Paulo - (I-IL)
Second time in Papavero, third here in this small place of peace. A bit sad to leave again, but sure we will come back, like we did 2 years ago. You are more than good friends. Lots of love, and really, really looking forward to come back soon.
Dominique & Anne - (CH)
Grazie mille per: la générosité de votre accueil, pour ce lieux paisibles où tout est créé pour le bien-être. Entre la terre et l’eau. Au son de cloches de l’arc-en-ciel… Baci
Roland & Liam (A - IRL)
3rd visit here and again you guys outdone yourselves! From satellite to snakes Umbria has it all. Always sad to leave, but then we know we always will come back. Thanks Ian for precision to details. Wishing you the best for the next year. See you all soon.
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